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2-Part Woodfiller

Our woodfillers are some of the best in the industry – allowing the users to fill, finish and coat in the same day.
We have the quickest drying fillers making us a clear choice for professionals, every time.

Our 2-part wood filler is rapid curing, stainable, two-part unsaturated polyester resin based woodfiller designed to give superior performance and longevity. Our range of polyester 2-part fillers have been developed to meet all joinery applications across a whole spectrum of markets, including window restoration, flooring, kitchen manufacturers, conservatories, furniture and doors.

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From pin nail holes and surface imperfections, through to the large replacement of large knots in timber, our high performance range of fillers have been specifically designed to handle the complete range of wood filling needs; from minor nicks to full scale repair and restoration jobs.

Our 2-part woodfillers are easy to model and shape upon initial setting. They are specifically developed
to enable repairs to be carried out within one hour making them the ideal choice for any timber restoration work!

  • Styrene free – meaning all jobs meet new legislation and ensure absolute safety

  • Sandable in under 30 minutes

  • Interior and exterior use

  • Quick and easy to use

  • Once set you can drill, screw, sand and plane

  • Excellent longevity and adhesion

  • Super tough

  • Cost effective

Download the technical data sheet here.

Technical Specifications

Woodfiller - Teak.PNG


Woodfiller - Mahogony.PNG


Woodfiller - Redwood.PNG


Woodfiller - Oak.PNG


Woodfiller - Pine.PNG


Available in a variety of colours

Get in touch for more information about our 2-Part Woodfiller.

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