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Concrete repair

We manufacture a comprehensive range of concrete repair and maintenance products.

Whether it be damage to car parks, roadways, steps, balconies, or even garage floors, we have products to fix any external flooring whilst ensuring the smooth running of any surface for many years to come.

Our range of repair products are also perfect for repairing industrial floors and loading bays, which often show signs of distress as these areas are subject to the continual use from heavy forklift trucks and often have punishingly high point loads. The distress is usually found in areas which cannot be taken out of service for long periods therefore requiring rapid, yet durable and reliable reinstatement and protection.

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  • High strength

  • Hard wearing – long term protection of concrete surfaces

  • Ideal for forklift and heavy traffic

  • Perfect for fixing damaged areas quickly to ensure work isn’t disrupted for long

  • Cost effective

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Non slump - non shrink

  • Some products are trafficable in 1 hour

  • Greater strength than concrete

Technical Specifications


  • Rebuilding concrete floors

  • Industrial warehouses and manufacturing, offices, laboratories or anywhere that needs a high strength floor

  • Parking areas

  • General repairs and renovation

  • Sewerage works, bridge repairs, manhole linings and pipes etc.

  • Overhead work

  • Walls

Whether it is roadways or runways we have the answer for a sustainable and effective repair which will last for many years to come and ensures business quickly returns to normal.

Get in touch for more information about our range of concrete repair products.

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