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About us

Oxera Repair products were founded in 2009 as an own-label manufacturer and quickly became a major supplier to some of the leading household names in the construction and DIY markets. 

With over 50 years combined experience in the industry, and with expertise in manufactured products, we have partnered with significant clients who have the route to market and who appreciate the Oxera approach to doing business. 

Why deal with Oxera?

Oxera's strength is in improving, developing and manufacturing repair products to our customers exacting specifications and requirements - we'll even exceed them! 

We work with clients whose expertise is in 'sales and marketing' - we help by providing improved product performance that sells! 

Our expertise is in being technically innovative, knowledgeable of the market and its requirements, and improving your products and therefore sales 

As a British business we manufacture everything in the UK 

We always go above and beyond and see all of our customer relationships as partnerships 

Our toll manufacturing service is aimed at companies looking to either outsource their product manufacture to help in manufacturing capacity, make improvements to existing formulations, or to match an existing product in the market place

We specialise in epoxy resin-based paste, coatings and putties along with unsaturated polyester pastes

With over 50 years combined experience in the industry, we offer expert advice to ensure you are getting the right product.

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Our journey so far...

Founded in 2009

Investment in the latest manufacturing equipment

2012 - 11,00sq ft site built

Purpose built lab and offices

2020 and beyond - building an extension, more investment in equipment, continued development of staff and more innovative products for you to sell 


Warehouse space - we have a large purpose built warehouse where we can store your goods. 

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R&D - we have a team of specialists and a state-of-the-art lab to produce the worlds best products

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Equipment - we invest in the very latest equipment 

Respect & kindness

We treat each other with fairness, and all clients, customers, and suppliers with respect and kindness.

Oxera Repair Core Values & Code of Conduct

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