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Frequently Asked Questions

At Oxera we understand that any new product or purchase comes with queries, that is why we have created a specific page dedicated to your questions. Here we cover everything from Product Specifications to Delivery Schedules. This is your go to page for all things Oxera Repair Products.

Rebuild FAQs


What is the first step?


Before anything, for the most effective Rebuild application, it is paramount you try and remove as much rot as possible. This is to ensure the resin sets successfully and ensures the most effective seal between the wood and the resin.


How do I know my timber isn’t too far gone to use Rebuild?


Our Repair products are suitable for a variety of size applications. The only difference is the correlation between the application volume and the cure time. For example, our Rebuild Products specifically outline the cure time: 1 hour for smaller projects or 4 hour for larger ones.


When is the resin ready for painting?


With our range, our products are ready for sanding and painting as soon as the resin is cured. We have confidence that if the resin is applied properly then our cure times are extremely accurate and paint application can begin soon after.


Can I nail or screw the resins?


Yes, you can - Provided the resin has cured. We also recommend drilling a pilot hole first, like you would when drilling in timber normally. This is just to ensure the resin doesn’t splinter and hamper your application use and aesthetic.


What tools do I need for the application?


For our products directly, you need a mixing board, scraper and our resins. That’s it, it’s that simple! We offer all the necessary tools as part of our Rebuild Starter Kit Range or you can buy products individually from our ‘Shop’ website page.


What is the best way to dry my rotten, damp timber?


We recommend letting the timber dry naturally. This is because it is common for the moisture to simply retreat inside the timber further when unnatural techniques are used. However, if it is possible to mitigate against further decline in the timber, then we recommend it.


How can I see the application process?


We have various ‘How-To’ videos performed by our in-house experts on our website and YouTube channel.


How much does a repair cost?


Our Rebuild Range is significantly lower than the cost of a replacement timber product. The exact cost depends on factors outside of our control such as size of the application, but rest assured, if you are struggling with estimating the cost of application, please contact one of our trusted team members for advice.


How long can I expect my repair to last?


At Oxera we are proud of the products we produce and that is why we have the confidence to assure you, our products, when applied correctly, will last a lifetime.


Delivery FAQs

What is the estimated delivery time?


We offer standard delivery on all orders, and always aim to have your products shipped out as swiftly as possible.  Building and maintaining our client relationships is of paramount importance to us.

What are your shipping costs?


We offer free delivery on all orders placed over £20. Orders under £20, shipping is set at £10.

I have received the incorrect products, what do I do?


In the unlikely event that your order features incorrect products, we advise you to communicate with us as soon as possible. Details can be found in the Contact section of our website.

Return & Refund FAQs

What is your return policy?

All of our products are returnable in a re-saleable condition. Items that have been voluntarily opened are not acceptable for return or refund.

What is your refund policy?

We will give refunds depending on the condition of the returned product.

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