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Expansion to accommodate continued success

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

We are pleased to announce the recent purchase of land, allowing for an extension of the current Oxera Repair Products site in Mirfield.

The additional space will grant capacity for a new 4000sqft warehouse, providing scope for extra racking and storage, and allowing for the expansion of the Oxera manufacturing capability, permitting a continuation of the rapid growth that the business has been seeing over the last couple of years.

Purchase of the wider business park site will also provide better access to the Oxera site, increasing capacity for traffic flow and help us extend flood protection measures. We have been committed to investing in our flood defence systems since the Boxing Day flood in 2015.

“We’ve seen exceptional growth over the last few years, and we’ve now reached point that extra space is necessary to allow to us to continue along this exciting path.” Oliver Evans, Sales Director at Oxera Repair Products.

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