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Infrastructure upgrades to improve our service

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Oxera Repair Products are in the process of revamping our internal infrastructure and operations to help us provide an even better service to our customers and to allow for our rapid growth and expansion.

We’ve recently invested in our IT infrastructure, including the implementation of new computer systems and internal phone lines, and are continuing to improve our office space, providing a more comfortable and enjoyable work environment for our employees. We’d like to apologise for any disruption during the roll-out of these changes and thank our customers for their patience.

In addition to these system upgrades, we are excited to have launched our brand new website! Our new site better presents the Oxera brand and showcases our offering. The website also includes a new online shop, offering our customers convenient access to our master-line products.

At Oxera we are proud of the reliability and quality of our products, something which is reflected in our recent achievement of ISO 9001. We want to make sure every part of our business meets these same high-quality standards, and we believe these updates to our internal infrastructure, in addition to improving our brand visibility within the digital space, will help us achieve this.

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