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Sean Joins Oxera: New Operations Manager

We're excited to introduce Sean as the newest member of our team at Oxera, stepping into the role of Operations Manager. With a robust background in the transport and logistics industry, Sean brings a wealth of strategic skills and operational expertise that will greatly benefit our company.


Throughout his career, Sean has honed his leadership abilities and demonstrated a keen understanding of complex operational processes. His experience navigating various facets of the industry equips him with valuable insights into optimising efficiency and driving productivity.


At Oxera, we recognise the importance of strong leadership in our operations, and Sean's past experience in overseeing multiple sites and managing diverse teams aligns perfectly with our goals. As we embark on an exciting phase of growth and development, Sean's leadership will play a crucial role in guiding our operations to new heights.


In addition to Sean, we're pleased to welcome several other new starters to the Oxera team. Working on the shop floor, we are pleased to welcome Mohamad, Ashley, Ben and Stephen!


Welcome aboard, Sean, and our newest team members – we’re excited of what’s to come and we're thrilled to welcome you all to the Oxera family!


Sean says:


“I can honestly say that it is challenging but also very rewarding. The foundation of the business is the people who make it all happen. I’m extremely proud of my team who are responsible for manufacturing and producing the excellent product range here at Oxera.”

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