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Oxera Repair Products were founded back in 2009 as an own-label specialist manufacturer and quickly became a major supplier to some of the leading household names in the 'construction and DIY' markets. We partner with all our clients to ensure your exact needs are not only met but exceeded. 

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Private Label Manufacture

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Private label manufacture

With over 50 years combined experience in the industry, and with expertise in manufactured products, we have partnered with several significant clients who have the route to market and who appreciates the Oxera approach to business... 


We meet you, listen to your needs, advise on the best solutions and agree a specification together.


We can apply your ready made labels or apply your designs to our labels before filling them with our trusted products ready for the shelf.


You place your order.


Your finished product is boxed and ready to be shipped to your location or stored at our warehouse.


We manufacture your order to your exact specification.


The good are delivered to you to agreed deadlines. 

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