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Damaged and rotten timbers in a building are subject to stress and movement and can be difficult to repair.  Conventional repair products are not designed for use in these situations and the only alternatives have been splicing or the replacement of the entire unit at a great expense to the customer and the environment. 

The Rebuild Wood Repair comprehensive range of epoxy resin products offers the perfect solution, enabling durable, efficient and highly effective timber repair. 

Rebuild Wood Repair products can save the existing unit, saving the customer huge some of money whilst also minimising the impact on the environment. Often just 5% of the timber is affected, making it hugely wasteful to replace the whole unit.

Rebuild provides long lasting and durable wood repair solutions, guaranteed for 10 years.

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Durable Wood Repair 



  • Effective joinery repair system

  • Gives high quality preparation

  • Precise removal of decayed timber

  • Helps retain majority of original wood

  • Ideal for historic or listed buildings

  • Permanent lasting repairs


  • Flexible epoxy based resin

  • Small & large splice repair

  • Easy to mix, shape & mould

  • Excellent slump resistance

  • Solvent free

  • 10 year guarantee


  • Protects vulnerable joints

  • Prevents premature paint failure

  • Minimises future maintenance costs

  • Fully paintable

  • No water penetration

  • Additional timber protection

We wouldn’t use any other products – the quality is unrivalled – we have never
been let down!”

Kieran Davies, IWP Dansk

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Cure times


1 hour


1 hour


4 hour

Cure time at 20​° C

50 - 60 minutes

4 hours

Recommended  application temp

0 - 25°C

0 - 35°C

Ready to sand and paint

1 hour

4 hours

Application volume

5 - 15mm

5 - 20mm

Shelf life

2 years stored at 5 - 40°C

2 years stored at 5 - 40°C

Typical application

  • Spot repairs

  • Splits

  • Splicing

  • Small repairs

  • Larger repairs

  • Large projects

  • Timber resin repair

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